About Engineering Surveys & Services

Our core belief is in a commitment to function, schedule, budget, constructability, safety, and sustainability.

The History of ES&S

In 1954, Engineering Surveys & Services began offering professional services from a home office in Columbia, Missouri. Initially focused on providing quality engineering surveys, the firm added to the services offered to clients in private industry and public agencies. Today, ES&S provides civil engineering consulting services for projects involving transportation, site planning, geotechnical, mining, and environmental engineering. The firm continues to offer comprehensive engineering, topographic, and boundary survey services and has become the largest independent testing laboratory in central Missouri.

ES&S founder, Jim Reed, PE, PLS, believed strongly that being a man of his word, focusing on accuracy and completeness in performance of one’s work, and keeping the interests and confidences of clients foremost was a recipe for success…and he was correct! His strong work ethic and a consistent approach to serving clients and developing staff has been a legacy that continues to this day at Engineering Surveys & Services.

Our Mission is to Contribute to Our Communities

We’re well-known for providing custom engineering solutions to challenging projects. Our experience across many disciplines offers you broad perspective for diverse infrastructure and facility needs. Albert Einstein once said that “scientists investigate that which already is; engineers create that which has never been.”

Our multidisciplinary engineering experts embrace the opportunities to push boundaries and create new frameworks that can transform communities at many scales. For more than 60 years, we’ve created the water, sewer, road and electric systems that modernize communities. Today, we design integrated systems, sustainable infrastructure and intelligent buildings that optimize operations, maximize cost savings, and reduce the incidence of failure.

We believe in a commitment to function, schedule, budget, constructibility, safety, and sustainability. We’re able to adapt to changes in our environment as well as technology. So no matter the circumstances, we see each project as an opportunity to maximize your investment, reduce life-cycle costs and ultimately improve our communities.

Our Core Values Are Based on Our Culture

As a small business, that has grown with the communities we serve, we recognize the affect the work we do has on our communities, our clients, and even our own families. As we grow and change we strive to never ​compromise the principles of reliability, accuracy, and integrity that this company was founded on.


Trust is the pillar that keeps everything running at ES&S. We hold ourselves to the highest standards by acting in the best interest of our clients, community, and co-workers even when no one is watching. Doing all that we can to inspire trust between all parties fosters stability and is a necessary ingredient for the long term success of our company and the fulfillment of our long term vision.


As a group or as individual representatives of Engineering Surveys & Services, we display and promote the highest standards of professionalism in dealing with our clients and co-workers. We also take very seriously our charge of protecting the public’s health, safety, and welfare. We vow to execute this task diligently and to the highest standards of our profession.

Family & Community

Family is the foundation of our lives and our communities. At ES&S, we believe in a culture that encourages fun, support and teamwork. This is necessary for building a dynamic organization of thriving professionals, who collectively and individually care for our families and community beyond the professional services we provide.

Excellent Service

Building and maintaining great relationships with our clients is essential to the continued success of our business. Through responsiveness, patience, clear communication, and quality products we can provide a level of service that builds trust and establishes lasting relationships. Our goal is not just to do a great job for our clients, but to create a “wow” experience at every stage of our relationship.


At ES&S, we pride ourselves with our willingness to be flexible. For our clients, this means that we are able to accommodate project specific needs for each instance. We apply broad engineering principles to specific challenges within a community’s guidelines that helps solve our client’s construction-related problem. We are also committed to providing support and flexibility to our employees to help them achieve a balanced life.
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