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Construction Support Services: An Essential Overview

For both construction professionals and workers, it’s sometimes challenging to keep an analytical eye on all the ongoing affairs of the active construction site. The aggregation of multiple trades, professions, and regulatory bodies that overlap these activities and occupations is continually innovating to capture the values emerging from new techniques, materials, and strategies. With so many systems in almost continuous evolution, staying abreast of changes while also achieving best practices and contractual requirements can be an arduous task. 

Maintaining a constant vigil on all site elements is critical for every building project, however, to ensure quality and safety and avoid costly rework, especially as engineering and construction industry dynamics continue to advance.

New Capacities. New Tools.

According to Deloitte, technology and digital innovation are impacting the engineering and construction sectors, as they are in every other industry. To remain competitive, tradespeople, architects, engineers, and other building professionals are expanding their current capacities to accommodate new consumer demands. Fortunately, support service tools and technology are also evolving, and newly introduced options frequently enhance the performance of tried-and-true traditional methods. That expanded tool base is now optimizing building activities to meet the requirements of each specific project. 

The augmented tooling and technology capacities of support services also hone and fine-tune their consulting (design, diligence, and compliance, as examples) and servicing (resource management, cost estimations, surveying, etc.) activities:   

  • “Smart” operations are digitizing the collection, integration, and analysis of on-site information, then feeding that data into the aggregated project data lake for access by all.
  • Adding prefabricated, modular construction materials is changing the architectural and design strategy and, consequently, the build strategy. 
  • Strategic sourcing of both materials and talent now requires advanced logistics capabilities, which also necessitates a revision of the transport, budgets, and scheduling dynamics.

All of these factors are already impacting the execution of every project, and that impact will continue to grow. Having an extra, well-trained set of eyes on-site throughout the build process, especially during and after transition into new ways of working, offers on-site management and project owners peace of mind that all the legacy, emerging, and new exigencies are accomplished.   

New Partners. New Opportunities.

Engineering Surveys & Services (ES&S) designed its engineering, surveying, and construction-support services to ensure that its clients have all the professional construction and engineering oversight needed to safely and accurately bring each project to completion. The company offers research, analysis, and construction consultation services for large and public works projects throughout the mid-Missouri region (including Columbia, Jefferson City, Sedalia, and Wildwood), focusing on all aspects of the design-construction process. Whether its clients are seeking quality control (QC) or quality assurance (QA), the industry experts at ES&S can provide the service and support they need to complete a high-quality, regulatorily compliant construction product.

ES&S's design-support services and construction-support services provide a variety of inputs and consultation opportunities for clients throughout the public works construction industry:

  • "Design-support services" offer research and analysis of the site, proposed materials, and other environmental factors that can impact design principles. ES&S experts will perform surveys, collect and test data, and conduct geotechnical investigations to garner all required or relevant information before construction begins. Architects and civil engineering professionals rely on both the information and recommendations that ES&S offers as assurance that the foundations of their projects are accurate and appropriate for their purpose.
  • "Construction-support services" encompass oversight and evaluation of the full scope of work performed within the project, from overseeing material and construction QCs to providing QA for the completion of inspections, documentation, and the closeout of all building activities. When appropriate, ES&S will collect and test samples to certify they adhere to contract specifications and observe and document subcontractor activities to confirm they meet contractual and legal standards.
    In exceptional cases, when contract specificity is particularly acute (such as requiring specialized fireproof materials or steel connections or precise placement of earth fill or steel reinforcements), ES&S's construction QC and construction QA skills make certain that both the materials and the workmanship meet or exceed contract standards. 

Available to All

All project professionals will appreciate the company's extensive construction QA credentials, which include a broad scope of industrial, architectural, and engineering capacities and competencies. During the build, ES&S professionals track all processes from the bidding stage to the final certification stage.

Their presence alleviates client concerns about the copious demands for instant on-site communication and decision-making. They frequently facilitate contractor clarifications, evaluate critical construction elements, and assess material and methodology qualities, which helps to mitigate any risks of errors or omissions.   

ES&S also provides wage rate assessments and interviews and monitors the daily construction diary to confirm its accuracy regarding the project's adherence to budget, regulatory compliance status, and timeliness terms. 

And ES&S's clientele emerges from numerous stakeholder entities within the construction industry: 

  • Project owners appreciate having a dedicated construction QC and QA professional on-site, committed to safeguarding the quality of the venture, whether it's to keep them informed about the sufficiency of design and material selection strategies or to assure them about the quality and compliance of the final build.  
  • Contractors appreciate ES&S's presence within the project to certify that the materials and workmanship they provide achieve both contractual and regulatory compliance.

Public works construction can be lucrative and rewarding but is also becoming more complex every day. ES&S maintains the highest standard of civil engineering and construction-support consultation services, so its public works construction clients have the expert project oversight needed on-site to avoid missing any critical building, regulatory, or contract details.

Their deep experience and professional expertise assure all stakeholders that the building and construction project meets the contractual and regulatory standards (existing and emerging) demanded by its contractors, municipalities, and the general public. 

Are you concerned about the possible expenses and costs incurred when your project does not have the benefit of a construction-support services expert? You can read about that in our next post or contact Engineering Surveys & Services to schedule a consultation to answer all your project questions.

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