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ES&S Core Values and Vision

Core Values and Vision at ES&S

Our mission at ES&S is to responsively deliver innovative community solutions. Five years ago, we all worked together to identify our core values as a company. As we start 2024, we took a moment to reflect on those core values.

We believe they are more than just words on the wall, but are our key differentiators that make the ES&S team stand out. We focus on and encourage the application of these values in all our decisions and actions. 


We believe the most important factor in all relationships, whether personal or business, is trust. We actively work to foster relationships with our clients by being a consistent trusted advisor, a source of truth and accuracy. We encourage authentic and candid communication throughout our team. 


To us, professionalism doesn’t mean we all wear suits to work every day, although there may be times when that may be appropriate. Professionalism at ES&S is being committed to getting the job done, as well as we can, the first time. We believe in erring on the side of doing the right thing, even if it could create conflict with the client.  

Excellent Service 

We enjoy helping people. We provide quality and value rather than focusing on being the cheapest. If there is a deadline, we do our best to meet it or communicate with the client what we can reasonably do to achieve the desired outcomes. Through responsiveness, patience, clear communication, and quality products, we provide a level of service that builds trust and establishes lasting relationships.  

Family & Community 

Our ES&S team cares about each other, as well as the communities we live and work in. We believe in working hard but also having fun. We take a vested interest in the lives and development of others and believe work should be enjoyable, something we can take pride in. 


Flexibility empowers us to work when, where, and how we thrive. Being flexible and innovative in how we approach projects means finding the best solutions to meet our clients’ specific project needs. Our team's flexibility creates room for important personal time with our families and encourages improvement and embracing change when needed.  

These core values all work together to makes ES&S a great place to work and a great resource to our clients. Encouraging focus and development in these areas creates a team that works together to achieve common goals for the betterment of our lives and our communities.

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