Industrial Markets

ES&S serves an array of industrial clients.

We Coordinate Work Based on the Phase of Construction

Industrial clients have many of the same service needs, challenges, and concerns as developers of commercial properties. Often their infrastructure needs are more substantial in terms of water and power demand, access to various modes of transportation, and environmental impacts. ES&S has a long history of working with utility providers, permitting agencies, and state and local transportation departments which greatly adds value to any industrial project. We can also expertly “scale up” during the planning and design process to save significant costs once construction begins.

Another value-added offering for industries that use a significant amount of water is the ES&S Analytical Laboratory. Located in Columbia, the A-Lab offers a variety of water quality testing and consultations that help companies with compliance issues associated with pretreatment requirements, discharge permit limits, and other environmental and regulatory obligations affecting their industries.

Quality Assurance for ISFSI Facilities @ Callaway Energy Center

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