Senior Living and Multi-Family Housing

Site planning and development are crucial first steps toward transforming your land into a valuable resource — with practical, compliant, and cost-effective solutions.

Providing a Full-Service Approach

The senior-living and multi-family housing market is one in which ES&S has provided a full-service approach to site planning and development for many years. Over those years, the number of projects outside of our traditional Missouri region has grown, as has our involvement as a project facilitator, engaging or coordinating with local professional services firms to complete the design and construction of projects in over a dozen states. Most of these projects involve financing with various state tax credit programs. In this market, our clients highly value three primary qualities of working with ES&S:

We have proven ability to navigate the processes followed by the governing agencies with oversight of their projects and a dogged approach to keep projects moving forward.

We have integrated, in-house services that work closely together from the conceptual plans, through design and bid document preparation, ending with construction services in the field. This enhances our ability to quickly and efficiently turn around design assignments and respond to changing goals, aggressive schedules, or unexpected field conditions.

We have a spotless reputation for maintaining our clients’ business information as confidential and not as a commodity, which frees us from unnecessary, even harmful, speculative activity.

Wilshire Hills Senior Living Facility-Phase II & III

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