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Meet ES&S InnoSurv: Combining Proven Surveying Methods with Cutting-Edge Technology for Customized Solutions

Surveying land has always been a critical part of any construction project. The technology used for surveying areas, however, has continued to evolve. Engineering Surveys & Services (ES&S) has been performing survey work for clients in Missouri and throughout the country for nearly seven decades. Over that time, surveying technologies like the use of drones and LiDAR (light detection and ranging) have provided new ways to quickly and accurately capture data. 

InnoSurv evolved from the realization of several at ES&S who were interested in finding innovative ways of incorporating drone and LiDAR into their surveying methods. The results give ES&S clients the ability to see their projects in new ways.

What Is InnoSurv?

InnoSurv is centered around the idea of having industry leading tools and resources available to be able to select the best tool for each dynamic project or situation.

The Benefits of InnoSurv Surveying

Experts at ES&S identify four major advantages that their clients get from InnoSurv surveying. They include:

  • Easier access to sites
  • Improved safety
  • Reduced trips needed to survey sites
  • The ability to quickly gather large amounts of data

The benefits get more specific when you look at how ES&S applies InnoSurv to specific types of projects.

Drone Photogrammetry

Drone photogrammetry can be utilized to create a three-dimensional, data-dense models of any site. 

3D mapping also provides a close look at an area’s topography. Surveyors do not need to spend a lot of time and energy covering the land. Drone photogrammetry provides a scaled version that includes every dip and rise in the landscape. Before so much as putting a shovel into the dirt, developers can identify potential challenges in the land.


As with Drone photogrammetry, LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) provides another method to capture millions of data points very rapidly. This data can be used to create an accurate 3D model and collect any needed measurements. The models can be used to extract detailed measurements or to overlay with plans to identify any potential conflicts.

Aerial Photographs & Videos

ES&S InnoServ can provide static images or videos. Aerial photographs work well for projects that involve mapping and planning, site condition documentation, pavement evaluations, or building inspections.

For example, a developer might want to evaluate the current state of a property. Aerial photographs can provide clear views of the building’s roof and parking lot. No one needs to go on top of the building to inspect the roof or scan the lot for signs of damage. The drone does this work to provide accurate imaging while lowering any risk to workers.

InnoSurv can provide videos of buildings or proposed sites for development, which carries multiple benefits for owners and developers.

Drone videos can also provide quick, useful site observations that help developers understand the lay of the land and how they can use the property. They might inspect the area before deciding to buy it. They can also use aerial videos to determine the best ways to use land they currently own.

Developers who want to find investors or sell properties to buyers can even use videos for marketing purposes. In-depth videos give potential stakeholders an easy way to view opportunities closely without visiting sites.

Learn More About The Future Of Surveying

As with drones and LiDAR, ES&S InnoSurv is always looking to find and utilize the best tools for every job. As those tools continue to evolve, it is ES&S’s goal to evolve with them. Whether you have a difficult-to-reach area that you need to be surveyed, a construction site that requires careful planning, or a building that you want to inspect, ES&S InnoSurv will always provide the most advanced and customized option to help you succeed.

Learn more about InnoSurv by scheduling a consultation with Engineering Surveys & Services. Whether you want to start a project soon or you just want to get more information about InnoSurv services, it only takes one message to get the process started.

Feel free to contact any of our three Missouri offices for help.

Image Credits: Unsplash

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