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Business Loop-70 / Conley Road Extension

About the Project

ES&S provided full design services for modifications to existing and additional new roadways associated with the Broadway Marketplace commercial development.  The infrastructure improvements are funded through the Conley Road Transportation Development District (CRTDD).  The CRTDD is a quasi-governmental entity that allows for innovative financing of infrastructure improvements through a public/private partnership between the City of Columbia and a private development group representing a number of commercial property and business owners in the designated TDD boundary.

The improvements associated with the overall project have been constructed in phases, and result from necessary modifications to abandon an existing entrance ramp onto I-70, and to extend existing Business Loop 70 to serve as an I-70 outer road through to a new connection to Conley Road. Overall design included 5500-LF of roadway with approx. 4000-LF on new alignment, a 320-LF four-span bridge over Hinkson Creek, three signalized intersections, relocation of overhead electric transmission lines, improvements to existing Conley Road, addition of a triple left turn at the connection to US Route 63/I-70 Connector and Conley Road, and additional turn lanes to Conley Road.  Property takings associated with the improvements required the relocation and redesign of several holes on the existing Columbia Country Club golf course, significant coordination with the US Army Corps of Engineers and other stakeholders concerned with the impacts to Hinkson Creek, preparation of a Conditional Letter of Map Revision (CLOMR/LOMR) with FEMA, and coordination with MoDOT to document the change in interstate access.  ES&S facilitated, on behalf of the TDD, the subconsultant design process for the Hinkson Creek bridge, the relocation of electric transmission lines, and the initial traffic study and design of signalized intersections.



Columbia, Missouri

Project Owner/Client

Conley Road Transportation Development District

Year Completed


Services Provided

  • Boundary, Topographic, Hydrographic Surveys
  • Geotechnical Investigation
  • Roadway Design
  • Traffic Study/Signal Design
  • Closure of Interstate Access (I-70 Eastbound)
  • Storm Water Drainage Design | SWPPP Observation
  • FEMA CLOMR (Hinkson Creek)
  • Rights-of-Way | Traffic Control Plans
  • Contract Document Coordination
  • Agency Coordination (MoDOT, USACE)
  • Construction Materials Testing
  • Foundation | Pier Observation
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