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College Avenue Safety Enhancement (CASE) Project

About the Project

ES&S provided full design services for the CASE Project, a safety upgrade for a 1200-LF segment of College Avenue (MO Route 763) running along the east side of the University of Missouri’s flagship campus.  The project resulted from a 2009 pedestrian traffic study showing the need for safety improvements for pedestrians crossing this busy state route.  The existing condition had hundreds of students crossing this five-lane facility in two stages, waiting in the center turn lane for the opposing through lanes to clear.  An extensive public involvement process was undertaken to gain stakeholder input and communicate project goals.  Several alternatives that resulted from these meetings were evaluated, compared to one another, and a preferred alternative was moved forward to final design.

Design features included two 25-foot wide, mid-block pedestrian crossings; High-intensity Activated crossWalK (HAWK) beacons; and a structural vertical element to channelize pedestrians to the crosswalks.  Aesthetic treatments were specified for the vertical element.  These included a short concrete median wall with form liners to mimic the stone facades of the University’s adjacent “white campus” buildings, an iron fence mounted on top to allow greater visibility across the roadway, and University logos were included in the design of the median structure for context with the campus.

Primary funding was from a Transportation Enhancement grant, requiring ES&S to follow MoDOT’s LPA process.  The local cost-share was split under an agreement between the City of Columbia and University of Missouri.  Each agency was involved as project design team stakeholders, though project administration was provided by the City of Columbia.



Columbia, Missouri

Project Owner/Client

City of Columbia, Public Works Dept. | 701 E. Broadway | Columbia, MO 65201

Year Completed


Services Provided

  • Roadway Design
  • Boundary and Topographic Survey
  • Erosion Control Plan
  • Right-of-Way Plan
  • Pedway and Sidewalks w/ ADA compliant ramps
  • Extensive Stakeholder Outreach Process
  • Traffic Engineering / Traffic Control Plan
  • Landscape / Hardscape Planning & Design
  • Coordination w/ MoDOT – STP-2100 (522)
  • CatEx Environmental Clearance Application
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