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Constr.-Support Svcs. for Municipal & County Projects

About the Project

ES&S has provided professional services supporting construction projects for numerous public infrastructure projects over a period of decades.  We have worked either directly for a City or County department, or as a subconsultant to a prime engineering design consultant or general contractor.  Often, ES&S has held an “on-call” services contract with agencies to provide these services on an as-needed basis.  Services offered have included topographic and boundary surveys, geotechnical investigations and report preparation, foundation and pavement design recommendations, right-of-way acquisition assistance, construction surveys/staking, materials sampling and testing; IBC special inspections, and construction observation.  Below is a list of a representative mix of recent projects offering examples of the construction-support services provided by our firm:

Year*Project NameServices ProvidedSvcs. Provided for
2021Trenton Municipal Airport – New Hangar & Apron/TaxiwaySTAKE; AS-BLT; GPS Machine Setup(MoDOT Project No. 19-011A-1)Phillips Hardy Constr.
2021Rte. D over BNSF RR (J2S2168) – LaPlata; Rte. DD over Billy’s Branch (J2S3198) – Macon Co.COMP-SOIL; CONC; GEOTECH; LPA; OBSERV; STAKEPhillips Hardy Constr. | MoDOT
2020MO Route H RelocationCOMP-SOIL; CONC; GEOTECH; LPA; OBSERV; STAKEBurns & McDonnell | City of Columbia
2020Elton Hensley Memorial AirportNew Hangar & Apron/TaxiwayCOMP-SOIL; CONC; GEOTECH (support after constr.); OBSERV; AggregateCity of Fulton, Public Works Dept.
2020New Community Recreation CenterCOMP-SOIL; CONC; REINF; SPEC; WELD AggregateCity of Fulton, Parks & Recreation Dept.
2020Fulton YMCA ExpansionCOMP-SOIL; CONC; REINF; SPEC; WELDPC&E (gen. contr.)
2018BL-70/Conley Road Exten. (incl Hinkson Creek bridge)COMP-SOIL; CONC; GEOTECH; LPA; MIX; OBSERV; REINF; STAKEConley Road TDD | City of Columbia
2018Fire Training AcademyCOMP-SOIL; CONC; GEOTECH; OBSERV; REINF; SPECCity of Columbia
2017 – 2018On-Call Constr. Materials QA Svcs. – Multiple Subdiv.COMP-SOIL; CONC; GEOTECH; MIX; Aggregate; ConsultingCity of Ashland
2016 – 2018Various County/MoDOT BridgesCOMP-SOIL; CONC; GEOTECH;Boone Construction
2017Concordia Entrance Improv., Phase ICOMP-SOIL; CONC; GEOTECH; LPA; REINF;City of Concordia
2017Mexico Memorial Airport TaxiwayCOMP-SOIL; CONC; MIXCity of Mexico
2017Runway 13-31 ExtensionCOMP-SOIL; CONC; GEOTECH; OBSERV; REINFBurns & McDonnell | City of Columbia
2017New Kirksville WWTPCOMP-SOIL; CONC; GEOTECH; REINF; STAKEHDR Inc. | River City Constr.
2016 – 2017Flat Branch WSHD Relief Sewer – Projects 1 & 3COMP-SOIL; CONC; GEOTECH;City of Columbia
2015 – 2017Annual Pavement Resurf. Program QACOMP-ASPH; COMP-SOIL; MIX;Cole County | City of Jefferson
2015 – 2017Various County Bridges & County ShopCOMP-SOIL; CONC; GEOTECH; OBSERV; SPECAudrain County – John Mann PE
2016Rustic Road Bridge ReplacementCOMP-SOIL; CONC; OBSERV (fill) [Geosynthetic Reinforced Soil (GRS) Integrated Bridge System (IBS)]Boone County Resource Mgmt.
2016Rangeline Road RelocationCOMP-SOIL; CONC; GEOTECH; OBSERV; REINFBurns & McDonnell | City of Columbia
2016Scott Boulevard Widening – Phase IIICOMP-SOIL; CONC; OBSERV;City of Columbia | Emery Sapp & Sons
2016South KATY Trailhead Improv., Phase ICOMP-SOIL; CONC; LPACity of Boonville
2015College Avenue Safety Enhancement ProjectCONC; LPA; OBSERV; REINFCity of Columbia
2015Clark Lane WideningCOMP-SOIL; CONC, STAKECity of Columbia | Strait-Line Constr.
2014Angel Lane Full-Depth Reclamation ReconstructionCOMP-SOIL; GEOTECH; MIX; Hosted Jobsite Tour jointly w/ ACPA-MO/KS; (1.25-mile corridor)Boone County | City of Ashland
2014Scott Boulevard Widening – Phase II; Hinkson Creek BridgeCOMP-SOIL; CONC;City of Columbia
2013Route Z Bridge over I-70 – Boone Co.; (Bridge L0909)CONC; FOUND; GEOTECH; LOC; LPA (Quality Mgmt Svcs); OBSERV; REINF; STAKE; AggregateDon Schnieders Excav.
2013Short Street Parking GarageCONC; SPEC; GEOTECH; OBSERV; ADA Certif;City of Columbia
2013Rolling Hills Road Improv.; Gans Creek BridgeCONC; COMP-SOIL; FOUND; OBSERV; REINF;Boone County | City of Columbia
2012Maple Bluff Drive SewerSTAKECity of Columbia
2011Scott Boulevard Widening – Phase ICOMP-SOIL; CONC; GEOTECH; LPA;City of Columbia
2011Landfill Bioreactor Cell #5COMP-SOIL; GEOTECH (Borrow Site Investig./ Report);City of Columbia
2011City Government Center ExpansionGEOTECH; SPEC; STAKE; ADA Certif;City of Columbia
20115th & Walnut Street Parking GarageCONC; GEOTECH; OBSERV; SPEC; ADA Certif;City of Columbia
2010COLT RR Bridge over US Route 63CONC; COMP-SOIL; FOUND; GEOTECH; LOC; LPA (Quality Mgmt); OBSERV; REINF; Aggreg.City of Columbia | Modjeski and Masters
2010Old Route K Bridge over Hinkson CreekCONC; FOUND; GEOTECH; LOC; OBSERV; REINF; STAKECity of Columbia | Don Schnieders Excav.
2010Landfill Bioreactor Cell #4Temperature & Moisture Sensor InstallationCity of Columbia
2009Maguire Boulevard ExtensionCOMP-SOIL; COMP-ASPH; CONC; GEOTECH; OBSERV; (two new Grindstone Creek bridges)City of Columbia
2009N. Providence Road ExtensionCOMP-SOIL; COMP-ASPH; CONC; GEOTECH; OBSERV; (new Bear Creek bridge)City of Columbia
20072008Southwest Outfall Relief SewerCOMP-SOIL; CONC; STAKE;City of Columbia
2007East Broadway Widening – Old 63 to US Route 63COMP-SOIL; CONC; GEOTECH; OBSERV;City of Columbia
2006-2008Landfill Gas-to-Energy FacilityGEOTECH; STAKE; ADA Certif;Sexton Energy LLC | City of Columbia
2006Wetland Treatment Unit 2COMP-SOIL; GEOTECH;City of Columbia
*  Year shown is the actual or estimated year of completed construction.
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