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Kiwanis Lake Aquatic Renovation

About the Project

ES&S provided a study to determine the existing condition of Kiwanis Lake, a 3.5-acre recreational lake in the City’s Plunkett Park. Due to a significant watershed-to-lake volume ratio, the impoundment acted as a trap for upstream sediments and associated constituents, with runoff transporting seasonal organics such as leaf litter, yard waste, roadway sediments, etc. The materials accumulated over time, having left the water body hypereutrophic, leading to oxygenation depletion, algal blooms, overgrowth of vegetation, and further aesthetic concerns. The ES&S Team took samples of storm runoff from locations providing inflow and sampled at the outfall to understand the challenges faced by the lake. A report with findings and recommendations for lake rehabilitation and mitigation was prepared for consideration by the City for future planning and funding of improvements.



Mexico, Missouri

Project Owner/Client

City of Mexico Missouri

Year Completed

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