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South Katy RR Bridge Trailhead Improv., Phase I

About the Project

ES&S provided full design and construction phase services, including grant application assistance, for improvements to the Katy Trail trailhead at the south end of the KATY Railroad Bridge over the Missouri River in Boonville.  The Katy Trail is a “rails-to-trails” Missouri State Park that crosses primarily east-west through the state.  The Katy RR bridge in Boonville is a center-truss vertical lift bridge built in the early 1930s.  Closed to rail traffic since the mid-1980s, the bridge ownership was transferred to the City of Boonville in 2014, after years of legal challenges between the Union Pacific RR, State of Missouri, and City.

Trailhead improvements are between the south abutment of the bridge and Boonville’s riverfront Isle of Capri casino.   Design included a resurfacing of the Katy Trail, new parking lot, access road, stormwater management, high visibility brick pattern epoxy crosswalks at Morgan Street, connecting sidewalk leading to the south end of the bridge, all ADA-compliant.  Also, the train tracks were replaced on the bridge deck by concrete walkway that terminates near the center-lift span of the historic bridge, which is currently locked in the raised position.

The project was jointly funded through a State Recreational Trails Program grant and the Boonville Transportation

Development District.  Phase II of the project calls for construction of a circular turnaround/drop-off and approximately 20 additional parking spaces, and lighting between the Phase I lot and the bridge.



Boonville, Missouri

Project Owner/Client

City of Boonville | City Hall | 401 Main Street |Boonville, MO 65233-1658

Year Completed


Services Provided

  • Parking Lot Layout & Design
  • Boundary & Topographic Survey
  • Erosion Control Plans
  • ADA Accessibility
  • Construction Materials Testing
  • Coordination with MO State Parks
  • MNDR Recreational Trails Program Coordination
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