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Wastewater Treatment & Collection System Upgrade @ Lake of the Ozarks Scout Reservation

About the Project

ES&S authored an Engineering Report (ER) to define upgrades to the waste water system at the BSA’s 450-acre Hohn Scout Camp in Morgan County, MO.  The existing property was served by individual septic tanks served by a contract sludge hauling company that regularly transported sludge to an offsite treatment facility.  Project goals included adding treatment capacity of the existing treatment system to allow for additional campers and several new facilities, including a swimming pool, shower house, a dining facility and two educational buildings.

The ER proposed incorporating some of the existing tanks and piping, and developing a Septic Tank Effluent Pumping (STEP) system, to serve a design population of 600 campers and staff.  The STEP system included additional septic tanks to provide primary waste water treatment, a system of low-head pressure and gravity sewer lines convey flow to a 35,000-gallon dosing tank, then pump effluent to a drip-irrigation, land application field for secondary treatment.  The land application field consists of multiple, equally-sized treatment zones, totaling 3.3-acres, resulting in a zero-discharge system with a design flow of 28,500-gallons per day.  The system was phased to be constructed as new facilities are built and more campers visit the Scout reservation in order to cost-effectively provide treatment capacity.



Morgan County, Missouri

Project Owner/Client

Boy Scouts of America – Great Rivers Council | 1203 Fay Street | Columbia, MO 65201

Year Completed


Services Provided

  • Boundary & Topographic Survey
  • Subsurface Investigation
  • Roadway Geometric Design
  • Storm Water Drainage Design
  • Erosion Control Plans / SWPPP
  • Rights-Of-Way Plan
  • Construction Staking
  • Materials Testing
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