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Wilshire Hills Senior Living Facility-Phase II & III

About the Project

The project included site planning and design services for an initial and follow-on phase of a residential and commercial development in Lee’s Summit, Jackson County, Missouri.  Site design included full design survey, facility layout planning, grading, design of access roadway & parking, erosion and sediment control plan, on-site utilities, and drainage.  A major feature of the project involved an individual USACE 404 permit requiring both onsite mitigation and offsite mitigation credits.  The onsite improvements included a significant stream restoration effort between the existing first phase of the development and the current and future Phases II & III.  Features included a large energy-dissipating outfall channel was built to mitigate erosion from a large upstream culvert draining several hundred acres.  Further downstream, a meandering channel was reestablished and a number of stream barbs were constructed to stabilize the channel and create grade breaks that will encourage formation of pools and riffles in the channel, improving water quality.  Also, a three-cell box culvert, designed to reduce sedimentation of the primary drainage channel, was constructed for the access road crossing.



Lee’s Summit, Missouri

Project Owner/Client

JES Holdings, LLC

Year Completed

2014 (Phase II), 2015 (Phase III)

Services Provided

  • Topographic Survey
  • Geotechnical Investigation
  • Foundation & Pavement Design Recommendations
  • Site Layout
  • Site Grading & Utility Plan
  • Transportation Engineering
  • Storm Water Drainage & WQ Design
  • Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan
  • Stream Restoration Design
  • Construction Surveys
  • Materials Testing
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